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Tracy Truong

Watercolor art.

Advice for creatives

Truong's creativity stems from experimentation. Her art is constantly evolving as she tests out new brushstroke techniques and plays around with different modes of creation. She admits that experimentation requires courage and the willingness to make mistakes, both of which develop with time and confidence. Thus, she recommends that regardless of what field you work in, you should explore new things,  take classes, and fearlessly find what sparks individual creativity.

Ideal workspace

Because Truong works out of her home rather than an art studio, her furniture needs were unique. She needed items that served multiple purposes so that her home would not become cluttered with art supplies and miscellaneous papers. Lighting was also a challenge for Truong since most of her creations took place in the evening. Overhead lighting extended her work time while chic filing cabinets organized her materials. Truong preferred that her workspace aesthetic remained soft, simple, and tranquil, in order to maintain her creative drive. 

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